24 Hours Of Heroes: Stax Attempts 5 Burpees

By: Steve Stax


Classic Rock Mornings


24 Hours of Heroes begins on November 10th at 11am and runs until November 11th at 11am.

All funds raised go to support Wounded Warriors  Canada which helps provide service dogs to Armed Forces veterans and First Responders who are suffering with PTSD.

To get involved in this fantastic cause or to donate funds, please visit the 24 Hours of Heroes website

The 24 hours of Heroes event started in 2016 with 24 “hero” workouts- CrossFit style workouts that are written and performed to honour fallen service men and women to raise some money for Wounded Warriors of Canada- a charity that aids Veterans and First Responders suffering from PTSD.  They are typically long and gruelling workouts, meant to make you really uncomfortable, but also to remind you of their ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and safety.

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