Beware Of The Phone Scam Going Around…You’ll Be Shocked At What They’re Trying To Fool You Into

Published On June 12, 2018 | By Ryan Valdron | Afternoons

Have you ever got a phone call from “Officer James Morrison” of the Canada Revenue Agency saying you owe money on back taxes? If so, hopefully you hung up the phone right away.

Earlier today I received a phone call from 613-655-9654 (Cardinal, Ontario). The phone number looked suspicious so I let it go to voicemail. This is the message I received.

After I saw this…I went to google to do some investigating and I was SHOCKED at what I discovered.

A man in Sudbury, Ontario got the same phone call and decided to troll the phone scammer. Here’s what happened…

Seriously though, how creepy is this?

In the end…”Officer James Morrison” is proven to be a fraud…as he is trying to troll you along into converting YOUR MONEY digitally and sending to his account via. QR Code. How crazy is that?

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