Donald Trump…unfit to be president!

Published On August 3, 2016 | By Dan Wylie | Evenings

There have been a lot of controversies surrounding Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Controversies that very well may have torpedoed any other politicians candidacy.

There’s his recent feud with the grieving parents of a fallen soldier

There’s his description of Mexican immigrants

And of course his small hands

But all of that, and more, pales in comparison to the most recent controversy…a photo taken on his private plane which The Donald then tweeted out!


Yes…that IS Donald Trump, eating KFC with a knife and fork…Mr. Trump – what part of “Finger Lickin’ Good” don’t you get?

This isn’t the Republican presidential nominee’s first food gaffe.  Who can forget his pizza debacle with Sarah Palin (revisit it here)

Will this be straw that breaks the backs of the American electorate?  The Donald has proven to be incredibly resilient so far, but even his most ardent supporters can’t think this is right…can they?

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