The Eagles Are Suing A Place Called Hotel California

Published On May 3, 2017 | By Steve Stax | Mornings

The Eagles are suing a place in Baja California, Sur, Mexico that calls itself the “Hotel California”.

In the suit, the band accuses the hotel of profiting from the lore of their famous song and creating the impression that their hotel was the inspiration for the hit.

The band are seeking an injunction that would stop all activity that suggests any connection to the band and their product. They are also seeking to claim all profits the hotel would have pocketed over the years. 

Todos Santos is the name of the hotel, however, when it first opened in 1950, its original name was, in fact, Hotel California.

To have this story illustrated more clearly through the majesty of song, have a listen to our new “Litigation” version of Hotel California 🙂




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