On the Road with Rubino – Volume II

Published On June 6, 2018 | By Sara Rubino | Road Crew

Guys, someone let ME.. all 5 feet of me… drive a monster truck through the mud. And it was AWESOME! They told me to pull up to the edge of the mud and gun it – sweeter words had never been spoken. Once I moved the seat up as far as it could go so that my short legs could reach – I did just that. The water and mud flew up all around the truck and I think I squealed the entire time. Hot tip: if you go mudding – put the windows up first. Learned that lesson the hard way. Still washing dirt out of my hair. But seriously if you missed Melbourne Mud Madness this weekend make sure to check out their next event in August – details HERE!

I don’t know if you heard but… Ryan Valdron got thrown in jail. The charges were completely bogus – I don’t say that because he’s a good, law abiding citizen, I say that because he was charged with “being far too charming on the air”. I know, I rolled my eyes too. But he was a great sport participating in this Crime Stoppers fundraiser and I helped out by eating cake right in front of him while he rotted behind bars. I’m a good friend like that. To support Crime Stoppers you can visit their website HERE!

Next up, the Fleetwood Country Cruize In – Canada’s largest car show and it happens right here in London! There were over 3,000 vehicles on display at the beautiful Plunkett Estates. We saw vintage rides, hot rods, motorcycles and some crazy custom work. And, we got a glimpse into the private Plunkett collection of Cadillacs – one which was the only model of its kind ever produced. So awesome to see. Those were a little out of my budget but this little Mini was perfect – and it was on sale! Does anyone have $10,000 I can borrow? Let me know.

We also celebrated a cause near and dear to my heart – National Donut Day! The Salvation Army celebrated the work of the Donut Lassies during the first World War who would make and deliver donuts to soldiers in the trenches. We handed out FREE donuts to everyone who came by Covent Garden Market. Donuts for breakfast? Yes, please.

Are you ready to rock this weekend? Of course you are! Get your tickets now for the first event of it’s kind in London – it’s Rock n’ Con weekend! It’s rock concerts, rock legends and some awesome presentations by rock experts and authors. June 8th – 10th at London Music Hall we’ll be joined by iconic singer Dee Snider, KISS co-founder Peter Criss, guitar Queen Lita Ford, members of the almighty GWAR, as well as appearances from Canadian rock hero Danko Jones and thrash metal legends Razor. You can get your passes for autograph signings and photo ops but you better buy now because they’re selling out fast! Get your tickets HERE!


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