On the Road with Rubino – Volume III

Published On June 13, 2018 | By Sara Rubino | Road Crew

If you’re looking for a quick way to find out just how out of shape you are.. spend an hour at The Factory. Wow. The new indoor adventure park at 100 Kellogg Lane is now open and it is a good time. We had the place to ourselves while we jumped on trampolines, pretended to be ninja warriors, attempted dodge ball while bouncing and to jump over moving bars – I’m so glad no one was watching. But unfortunately there is a video you can check out on our Facebook! Valdron better watch his back because there will be revenge for him beaming me in the face with a ball.

What better place to spend the weekend than at London’s first annual Rock n’ Con event at the London Music Hall. I don’t know what you were doing all weekend but I was hanging out with Dee Snider, Lita Ford, GWAR and trying to catch a glimpse of Peter Criss when I could. To my dismay, he was not in full makeup. Also to my dismay, I saw a lot of bare butt from Gwar. Fans from as far away as Edmonton, Ohio and even Brazil made the trip to London to hang out with their favourite rock legends. Blair from the morning show and I managed to sneak backstage for interviews with Dee and Lita and they were amazing! We learned a lot in a short time. Bananas keep you limber on stage (Lita) and DO NOT stick out your thumb when giving the rock sign (Dee). While Blair was mid interview I managed to snag a quick picture (a selfie with Dee was $30) to show that the Classic Rock Crew knows what they’re doing.
And as usual, I managed to find something Sara-sized. This children’s drum set was perfect for me. No idea what I was doing but I looked cool! If you didn’t get to catch this years event make sure to check it out next year – we can’t wait to see who they bring to London!

Looking ahead… this weekend is the coming together of two of our favourite things. Beer and barbequed meat. That’s right – it’s Beer & BBQ Show weekend! Do you ever go to the bar and pay $10 for a pint to try something new only to realize you don’t even like what you’re drinking? That’s the worst! Avoid that by coming out and sampling over 100 different beers, ciders and spirits at the Beer & BBQ Show! There a ton of vendors coming with delicious beverages in tow! We know eatin’ is cheatin’ when you’re drinking but you want a bit of a base before you try 47 different drinks. That’s what the food vendors are for! There will be snacks everywhere and we can’t wait to try them all. Get your tickets HERE!

This weekend is also the opening of the Ilderton Farmer’s Market! The local vendors will be set up at the municipal parking lot at the corner of King Street and Ilderton Road. We’ll be there with the classic rock cranked to kick off the first day of the market that runs 8a,-12pm every Saturday until September.

How dirty is your car right now? Be honest. It could use a wash. Come by the Krown Rust Control Centre at 565 Glasglow Street from 9am – 12pm on Saturday, June 16th for the Wash a Wish fundraiser. Proceeds from the car wash will go to the Children’s Hospital in support of Make A Wish! I’ll be there – not to wash your car – but I will be handing out swag and playing your favourite radio station. See you there!


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