Today we honor out Veterans. Please join us just before 11am this morning as we pay tribute to those that fought for our freedom.

We’d like to thank Jason Williams once again for the use of his beautiful song,  “The Stags Horns Forever.” Jason was one of our Made in London winners from early on.

The pictures of the soldiers in the video are from the regiments who’s mottos where used for his song.

Never Pass a Fault  – Royal Canadian Regiment

I am on Guard – Fusiliers Du ST-Laurent

Truer than Steel – Régiment de la Chaudière

Faithful Forever – 48th Highlanders of Canada

Good Heart and a Strong Arm – Le Regiment De Maisonneuve

Fearless in the face of danger – The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment

I am Ready for the Fray –  Canadian Scottish Regiment

Carry On – The Toronto Scottish regiment

The Stags Horns Forever – The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada



Our Made in London winners, Newport Electric, also composed a beautiful song to remember and salute our Veterans, “Cowards.”

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