Give Peace a Chance Tour ft. Imaginelennon

Date: July 12th, 7:00 pm - July 12th, 11:00pm

Venue: The Carousel Room

Location: London, ON

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Residents and cottage goers across South-Western Ontario have something special coming their way as the London Beatles Festival presents ImagineLennon in towns near you.

“Beatles Festival fans are hungry for more – so we’re giving them an appetizer of what’s to come later this year!” said a festival organizer.

MARK STAYCER has amazed Beatles fans around the world with his spot on tribute of John Lennon, and friends and intimates of the Beatles agree.

Louise Harrison, sister of Beatle George said: “I thought they were playing John’s records when I heard him.”  

Early manager Alan Williams, amazed by the resemblance, said: “Aye, yer a right sight, mate. Keep up the good work.”  

Shea Stadium concert promoter Sid Bernstein put it simply when he said : “Lennon lives again!”

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