Date: April 9th, 8:00 pm - April 10th, 1:00am

Venue: LONDON CHILDREN'S MUSEUM - 21 Wharncliffe Rd S

Location: LONDON

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Grickle Grass Festival is London, Ontario’s most diverse and peculiar musical event — with a twist.

The premise is as unlikely as it is awesome: take ten spectacular bands from around the country, invite hundreds of curious guests, and bring them all to the wildest spaces in London, all miraculously contained under one dreamy roof: a forest, a space station, a construction site, a crowded supermarket, an arctic tundra, a mysterious cave, and a stage beneath the belly of a hanging whale skeleton. It sounds like a wild dream, and in a way it is — but it’s all real, loud, and spectacular, housed in the historical halls and weird rooms of the London Regional Children’s Museum. Why should kids have all the fun? Come at night, grab a beer, and wander with your friends through three floors of eccentric rooms and energetic bands to electrify your imagination.

“Grickle Grass is a vibrant reminder…that community spirit is an important part of music. And, I guess, so are sand pits, treehouses, and giant whale skeletons.” —Noisey

The six previous years of the festival have included Rich Aucoin, Odonis Odonis, Ceschi Ramos, Indian Handcrafts, and more.

This year, Grickle Grass Festival is hosting a launch event in the same space to announce the 2016 line-up:

Little Grickle will showcase the explosively creative Chad VanGaalen (from Calgary, Alberta), supported by Un Blonde, Boyhood, Silkken, and London’s own So Young.

Chad VanGaalen’s impressively varied work combines elements of indie, psych, and folk with a quirky and imaginative feel all its own. Not limited to any one medium, his work in animation and music videos netted him the 2015 Prism Prize for his work with Timber Timbre. We’re pleased to welcome you adventurous souls to the expansive and inviting universe his music creates.

London Regional Children’s Museum

21 Wharncliffe Road South, London ON

Saturday April 9th

$15 adv/$20 door

For more information, visit

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