Murder Mystery Dinner

Date: November 18th, 6:00 pm - 9:00pm

Venue: Trinity United Church Community Centre

Location: London

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The Ile des Femmes is in the midst of electing a new Head Matriarch, the position of absolute power on the island. The women are power hungry and the men aren’t allowed to vote, or do much else without female approval; suffice to say the island men are not a happy bunch. But would anyone truly stoop to murder to win the campaign?

Join us for a suspense filled evening Friday, November 18 or Saturday, November 19. Dinner at 6:00, show at 6:45. Cash bar. Tickets $20. For tickets please email [email protected] or call 519-455-2710, Trinity United Church Community Centre, corner of Hale St. & Doulton.

For More Information:

(519) 455-2710

[email protected]

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