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This Tortoise Saved It’s Species One Thrust At A Time!

By: Matt Sampaio


Afternoons with Matt Sampaio

Age is just another! This 100 year old playboy tortoise  may have single-handedly saved his entire species from extinction ans now has retired back to the wild.

Diego’s hunger for the sweet, sweet loving was credited as a major reason for the survival of his fellow giant tortoises in the Galapagos Islands, after being shipped over from the San Diego Zoo.

There used to be only 14 tortoises, Now there are nearly 2000. In your face Wilt Chamberlain and every second rock star out since the beginning of touring bands. The Galapagos National Parks service believe the 100-year-old tortoise is the patriarch of around 40% of that population. Do what you’re good at people.

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