Michael Keaton As Batman Once Again!

By: Kate Wright


Middays with Kate

Michael Keaton is apparently in talks to once again play the role of Batman!

A new DC movie is in the works, “Flash,” played by Ezra Miller.

AND….Michael Keaton is apparently in talks with them to play Batman once again. It’s been thirty years!

Keaton did “Batman” and Batman Returns” and we loved him. Could he do it again, he is 68 now? Absolutely!

No promises that he’ll actually suit up as Batman. But, there is talk that he could appear in several D.C. movies, acting as a mentor to the superheroes.

Rumour has it they will actually acknowledge Keaton’s two “Batman” movies, which makes it so much better.

The movie itself is supposed to include lots of time travel and multiple universes. Which to us means it’s going to be super confusing, but still awesome!!

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